Monday, October 24, 2011

The Last Warm Day of the Year

Sun beams came in through Jen’s window
I debated whether to walk or nap, I was finished
with reading and it was too quiet.

Jen napped, Russell read, and I left
for a walk around
the neighborhood, not unfamiliar
but no strong pictures
to punch at the sides of my torso.

It may have been the last warm day
in October, which probably meant
the last warm day of the year.

I thought about girls mostly,
moving down a short list
changing quickly. The leaves
were pink under a bright afternoon,
branches overhanging the street
made a tunnel.

I checked my watch, careful
not to be late for Church.

The sidewalk was straight.
The air was clean and clear,
I could see the mountains
that make Vancouver unbearably
dark in winter. Today they shined
happy above the city.

The park was crowded: a man
played Tequila on his saxophone,
the audience minded their cue.

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