Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Another Christmas Poem

[this poem is the result of a snow day and Christmas music. Like musicians, my standards for Christmas material are somewhat lower than non-seasonal material]

The waiting is the hardest part

but then again

it is the only part

or at least

the only part we’ve seen

We like to remind ourselves

that we already have

the thing we’re waiting for

and that this is somehow

a comfort helping with patience

It’s like someone

wrapped up a refrigerator box

then told us

how everything we’ve ever longed for

is in that box

describing the contents

in excruciating detail

And this box

has been wrapped and waiting

for two millennia

and we’re stuck

waiting for a day

undisclosed to us

when we get to unwrap it

So every year

we practice

our waiting and unwrapping

as we remember

when the gift

was first placed under the tree

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Very, very Good! Very well said.