Friday, June 11, 2010

At the Pearly Gates?

[I needed to get to writing, and this is what came out]

The important thing is that we all got here safe and sound
except those who didn’t, but they were wanderers
so we shouldn’t feel any great sympathy for them
they found their own paths and it’s not easy
to know where they are, or if they’ll ever get here

The important thing is that we are all here
though where here is is not entirely clear
what is clear is that wherever here is
we are most certainly there
and if you think about it long enough
it will make all of our heads hurt
so don’t think about where we actually are
or the people who aren’t here or how we got here
or how they got to wherever they are
think only of the joyous fact that we are here
remember the apostles words when he wrote that

The important thing is that we set our hearts on things above
and that we remember where we came from
and where we are going, which is here,
so I guess it’s not so important, but it was important
and that we must never forget.

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Ryan A. Johnson said...


I would play around with the line breaks and get rid of the stanzas, it would help with the chaos