Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Cold Clear Days

These cold clear days
when the trees argue about what season it is
coughs linger and chimneys feel at home

We'll throw the football and pretend
it's January under lights and camera flashes
with the game on the line

We'll walk over dead leaves
survey the landscape and wonder
where Bob Ross hid his secrets

These cold clear days
we'll miss things we never noticed before
doughnut shops, rope swings, smells and laughs

These cold clear days
there's gold under foot every step
we may forget, but it will stick with us
cling to the bottom of our shoes
until we need to be reminded.


Amy Gibson said...

this is lovely- the air turned cold here yesterday.
its interesting the way i need these changes in season to feel sane.
i hope you are well- i miss actually hearing your voice say these poems, but i try to fill it in in my head.

graham said...

dude, this is ace right here.

Ryan A. Johnson said...

I'm not fucking around with her
no I'm not fucking arrooooouuuuunnnnnd!

in addition to that, you should have more than three poems on your page at a time.