Monday, September 29, 2008

Staff Bible Study

A fluorescent light
blinks over
tired sun-burnt faces
looking sideways
out of hooded college sweat shirts

while a balding man
explains where
wisdom and understanding
can be found.

Few bibles are open.
The bubbly girls are yawning
while the chubby-funny guys
are more asleep than awake.

I'm watching a bug circle the room
trying to remember how to spell



Spiro said...

i'm glad this one isn't prefaced by "borderline" because i like it a lot.

Ryan A. Johnson said...

the only problem I have with this is the line breaking at the end makes me wonder if you can't spell or just can't spell hallelujah.
If its hallelujah, this is the good poem.

graham said...

ditto to both.